Top 5 Favorite Healthy Food Spots in Orange County

If you love spending money on healthy eats like me, please keep reading. My passion for health and wellness has come with a price (literally). Even though, I do know how to get a week’s worth of yummy Trader Joes food, I’m obsessed with finding the new trendy health spot. Is it just me? Hope not, but one of my favorite guilty pleasures is spending money on a tasty kombucha or organic salad. If this doesn’t sound you stop reading, if it does, check out my list of favorites. Trust me these places are not only very good for you but absolutely delicious. In no particular order, here’s my list:

Fermentation Farm
This place is an absolute hidden gem. Ferm Farm is located in Costa Mesa and features the yummiest fermented products. Being a member sure has its perks, stop in any time and sample from the Kombucha bar. Their fermented canned goods and kombucha is incredible. Not only are their own products amazing but they carry brands like Moon Juice, Mylk Nut, Lotus Foods, Mike’s Organic Curry Love, and many more.

Favorite items: fermented green beans, Mylk nut, and fermented banana yogurt

City: Costa Mesa
Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice
For real, if I was a millionaire, I would pitch a tent in this restaurant and eat their food for every meal. This place has been a personal favorite since it opened. The owner is super friendly and is there all the time. His love for his customers just makes the kitchen even that more special. Also, everything on the menu is vegan! The menu is perfect and they also carry fabulous brands like Sunwarrior protein, Hu chocolate, Fermenting Fairy, and many more.

Favorite items: California Cobb, Fiesta bowl, Spicy Green Drink, and the Ironman protein shake

Instagram: @eatdrinkvibe
City: Newport Beach
Jan’s Health Bar
Jan’s Health Bar is the epitome of the Southern California lifestyle with its surfer vibe. Their “feel good effect” slogan is no joke. Their goal is to have fresh ingredients that fuel you and make you feel your best. Every time I leave this place, I feel amazing and ready to take on the day.

Favorite items: Surf shop special (½ vegan turkey add avo and house salad) and protein bowl (with tuna add avo)

Instagram: @janshealthbar
City: Corona Del Mar and Costa Mesa
Mother’s Organic Kitchen
Mother’s Market is my absolute favorite grocery store and now they have a kitchen. This spot is perfect if your craving healthy food but don’t have the time for a sit-down restaurant. They have great juice options and their build-your-own-bowl station is delicious. There are endless combinations to choose from. I can’t wait to grab a bowl and head down to the beach this summer.

Favorite items: build-your-own-bowl (I make mine Mediterranean with all the veggies, fermented onions, hummus, and tahini)

Instagram: @mothersorganickitchen
City: Costa Mesa
Juice Mi
I actually don’t know what I did before this place. This aesthetically perfect spot and healthy Juice Bar is just what the Peninsula in Newport Beach needed. Despite being the cutest Juice bar ever (everything is pink just like BFC), they have my absolute favorite smoothie bowls. Juice Mi also has a variety of organic juices, juice cleanses, exotic lemonade, wellness shots, ready-to-go salads, superfood bowls, and unique superfood lattes. The owner Mimi has the most incredible story to add to the magic that is Juice Mi. If you don’t fall in love with this place, we can’t be friends.

Favorite Items: The Santornini Bowl (featured on my insta) and Salted PB Bowl

Instagram: @drinkjuicemi

City: Newport Beach