AJ Dickens

BS Kinesiology - San Diego State University
MS Sports Management - Southern Methodist University

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Nutrition Coach

AJ Dickens is one of the top HIIT Instructors in Newport Beach, CA.  AJ created BFC to share her love for her native beach community where she lives, as well as her commitment to nutrition, fashion, wellness and fitness.  She has carefully researched her superfood proteins working with her biochemist father, to find the perfect balance of taste and supplementation.  AJ's superfoods are not just for smoothie drinks, but are created to perfectly blend into a variety of recipes enhancing both flavor and nutritional value.

Vision -  to create a community or "club" based on the foundations of inclusivity and female empowerment.  A BFC girl is strong in mind and body, confident in spirit and lives a balanced, centered and easy lifestyle.  Calm in the midst of chaos.  Creating a balanced life entails making a commitment to yourself.  You have the power to create harmony between the responsibilities you have to others and the things that will bring pleasure, personal fulfillment, physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Balance  - we rarely say "I have it all", as a result compromise becomes essential to keep your mind, body and soul in balance.  It can be hard with the natural push and pull of everyday life.  Stay positive and work toward your goals with primary focus.  A strong body makes for a strong mind.  Learn to care for yourself and your soul is naturally enriched.  Make time for the things you want to do, in addition to the things you have to do.  Learn to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect.

Focus  - a clear focus starts by setting achievable goals.  goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time sensitive.  Don't get overly ambitious.  Overhauling your life, relationships and employment will only leave you with anxiety and structure.  Work within your personal framework.  Focus on a consistent choice of habit.  Move forward one step at a time.  Be content with "imperfect progress".  This is how you create habits that you can stick with on the long term.

Philosophy - finding balance between rest and activity creates emotional, mental and physical balance.  Allow yourself that necessary downtime.  Your mind, body and spirit need to refuel.  Take time to reconnect with yourself.  Visualize your dreams and goals. This will create peace in your day and remind you of the things you find important.  Embrace your uniqueness and don't be afraid to seek support.  A balanced life requires a good team.  Together we are a strong, accountable community.  We are empowered.